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The 22-book American Milestone series is featured as "Retailers Recommended Fabulous Products" in the August 2012 edition of Educational Dealer magazine. In this book, kids will sit in the same room with Jefferson as he frets over the best words to convey his message. They will stand in line with the great American patriots as they ink their signatures on the parchment. And they will cheer with the crowds of colonists as the founding fathers read aloud one of the most cherished documents-the Declaration of Independence!

A partial list of the Table of Contents include:
A Timeline of Events
The Declaration of Independence
A Declaration of Freedom
The French and Indian War
The Brits Won't Quit
John Locke's New Deal
What Do We Want?
The Dunlap Broadsides
What Does the Declaration Mean Today?
In Plain English
Jefferson's Rough Draft
Founding Fathers
And Much More!
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